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Podcast Uncover
Podcast Uncover


Launching September 5, 2018. NXIVM calls itself a humanitarian community.
Launching September 5, 2018. NXIVM calls itself a humanitarian community.

Available Episodes

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  • Introducing: Boys Like Me
    Why are lonely, young men a growing threat to our safety? In 2018, a Toronto man drove a van down a busy sidewalk, killing 11 people and injuring many more. He was linked to the "incel" movement, a dark online world fueled by violent misogyny, extreme isolation and perceived rejection. In the wake of the attack, Evan Mead discovers a disturbing connection to the perpetrator. They were former high school classmates; both outcasts, existing together on the fringes of social acceptance. How did two young men who started in similar circumstances, end up on such drastically different paths? More episodes are available at:
  • S11: "Carrie Low VS." Epilogue: A Death in Dartmouth
    Carrie’s criminal case is upended by a homicide.
  • S11: "Carrie Low VS." E5: Unstoppable
    Carrie faces shocking roadblocks in her criminal case, including a publication ban prohibiting her from telling her story publicly, unless she hides her identity. But she refuses to back down.
  • S11: "Carrie Low VS." E4: Charged
    An arrest is finally made in Carrie’s case, but she wonders why only one man has been charged. CORRECTION: Sunny Marriner was Executive Director of the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre for 5 years, not 17 years as mentioned in the episode. She also worked at the Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa for 17 years previously. We regret the error.
  • S11: "Carrie Low VS." E3: Believed
    The original investigator assigned to Carrie's case reveals what he says happened behind the scenes.

About Uncover

Launching September 5, 2018. NXIVM calls itself a humanitarian community. Experts call it a cult. Uncover: Escaping NXIVM is an investigative podcast series about the group, its leader Keith Raniere and one woman’s journey to get out.

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