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This American Life

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  • 758: Talking While Black
    Think back to two summers ago, the summer of 2020, when a series of violent, highly-publicized killings of Black Americans sparked outrage and a national movement to eradicate racism and its evils. That movement gave way to a newer, reactionary one, a backlash that is playing out in schools and school board meetings across America. Host Emanuele Berry shares stories about Black people who got tangled up in this current backlash in both extreme and very personal ways.
  • 757: The Ghost in the Machine
    People use machines to find people they lost.
  • 47: Christmas and Commerce
    Stories about the intersection of Christmas and retail, originally broadcast in 1996 when our show was only a year old. Including David Sedaris's story "Santaland Diaries," which first aired on NPR's Morning Edition in a much shorter version.
  • 214: Family Physics
    We take the stately laws of physics—laws which mathematicians and scientists have spent centuries discovering and verifying—and apply them to the realm of human relationships, to see if they shed useful light on our daily lives.
  • 756: But I Did Everything Right
    People earnestly doing what they're told, and absolutely not getting what they were promised.

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This American Life

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