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  • 27/01/2022
    Writer, Sarah Hehir Director, Gwenda Hughes Editor, Jeremy Howe Jill Archer ….. Patricia Greene David Archer ….. Timothy Bentinck Ruth Archer ….. Felicity Finch Ben Archer ….. Ben Norris Josh Archer ….. Angus Imrie Pip Archer ….. Daisy Badger Kenton Archer ….. Richard Attlee Leonard Berry ….. Paul Copley Beth Casey ….. Rebecca Fuller Iris Casey ….. Susan Jameson Shula Hebden Lloyd ….. Judy Bennett Alistair Lloyd ….. Michael Lumsden Elizabeth Pargetter ….. Alison Dowling
  • 26/01/2022
    David and Ruth muse over Iris’s visit and when Leonard drops by and offers to return Iris’s jacket, Ruth mentions that Jill’s been in a terrible mood since yesterday. David adds it’s since Leonard and Iris hit it off. Leonard feels terrible when it dawns on him what Jill might think. While Ruth’s resting, Kenton, Shula, Elizabeth and David enjoy themselves playing board games. Shula mentions that the car crash brought back everything with Mark and David reflects that he and Ruth were really lucky. Kenton asks who David thinks between Pip and Josh will take on the farm in the future – maybe both? David says that although they’re getting on alright at the moment, in the long term no farming would get done because they’d squabble like toddlers! Kenton teases David about retirement, but David’s reflective and says that even though he can’t wait to get back on the farm, he now knows everything will be taken care of, so he’ll be able to step back occasionally to look at new projects. At the end of the evening, and as Shula and Elizabeth jokingly gloat over winning the game, David says it was fun and just what he needed. Pip and Josh are really concerned when a cow-in-calf slips and damages her hip. Alistair’s called urgently and with Pip and Josh’s help, Alistair manages to get the cow’s dislocated hip back into place. Relieved and thankful they head off to share the news with David and Ruth.
  • 25/01/2022
    At Brookfield, David and Ruth recover from their car accident. Despite still feeling sore and nursing their injuries, they both admit they would rather be helping Pip out on the farm, in the cold and rain, than be stuck indoors – despite being waited on hand and foot by Leonard and Jill. David advises Ruth to relax; they need to trust Pip and Josh to look after things. Pip and Josh get stuck into farm work and by the end of the day, they’ve managed to work as a team and they share their list of tomorrow’s tasks. Josh mentions that Ruth and David’s car is a write off. Beth asks Pip if Iris can visit David and Ruth – Iris feels terrible that they crashed coming home from Vince’s party. Beth will come too – she wants to see how Ben’s getting on with his nursing placement. Later Jill’s edgy when Iris and Leonard discuss their mutual love of bonsai trees. Beth notices Jill’s looking annoyed and asks if she’s ok. Jill says she’s fine – she just doesn’t share the same passion for bonsais as Iris. And Leonard’s never mentioned this interest to her before. When Beth says Iris is just being friendly, Jill retorts she couldn’t have sat any closer to Leonard if she’d tried! Beth becomes defensive and Jill apologises. As she’s leaving Iris says it was a pleasure to meet Leonard and he replies the pleasure was all his. Iris invites him over to look at her bonsais whenever he wants.
  • 24/01/2022
    In the early hours of the morning, injured and in shock, David and Ruth arrive home after a visit to hospital. Ben takes care of them and hears that they hit a deer. Over breakfast, Jill can’t believe no one woke her when Ruth and David got home. Pip explains they didn’t want to worry her. They insist that Ben goes in for his first day of his nursing placement. After dropping Rosie at nursery, Jill broods on not being woken up with Leonard. He reassures Jill that she’s not too old to be useful and advises she needs to listen to David and Ruth’s requests. In bed David and Ruth consider how the farm will cope without them even with some things rearranged. David doesn’t like seeing Ruth in pain and feels the accident was all his fault. Ruth tells him not to worry – they have no choice but to rest. Unable to hug because of their injuries, they hold hands and Ruth tells David she loves him. Pip wonders how they are going to cope with everything that needs doing on the farm this week. Josh says he can help but can’t abandon his hens. They work out what are the current top priorities. They share their concern about seeing their parents so badly injured. Pip recommends Josh first gets Leonard to make him breakfast. In the Brookfield kitchen Leonard reassures Josh that he and Pip are already getting things sorted between them. He’s confident the two of them can survive the week.
  • 23/01/2022
    Ruth drags a grumpy David to a Winter Blues party at Vince’s house. Meanwhile Pip returns home from a day out with Rosie to find Ruth hasn’t prepared the barn as she said she would. Pip gets stressed thinking about how much there is to do tomorrow. Josh says he can’t help – he’s got his hands full with his hens. Tension between the siblings builds as Pip rants about how much she’s got on and Josh says trying to run his own business is harder. In heavy rain, Pip tries to clear a blocked drain. Josh tries to encourage her to leave it but they only descend into a row over who works more. With the pooling water growing, Pip hopes Josh will take on the job of unblocking the drain but he insists he’s too busy. Their only option is to fess up to their parents. At Vince's party. Elizabeth comes across Ruth and David having a tour with Iris. They swap notes on how their grown-up children argue with one another. Later, fresh off the dance floor, David is surprised to find himself having a good time. Ruth wonders which of their children will take over the farm from them. David reckons it’ll be Pip. As he drives him and Ruth home, David suggests they host a party at Brookfield. Then, suddenly, they crash. David calls out to Ruth who can only groan in reply.

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